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What is semi-permanent Make-up?

Semi-permanent Make-up is a non-surgical long lasting, smudge free, cosmetic make-up system, that is carried out by a highly skilled linergist. The process involves the use of precision equipment that carefully deposits minuscule amounts of a natural hypoallergenic pigmentation into the first layer of the skin (called the epidermis) using a special technique originally developed for medical and then for beauty purposes. It can last several years depending on age, skin type, exposure to UV rays and regular maintenance treatments.

Semi-permanent make-up can subtly enhance and highlight your natural beauty, the treatments include:

Eyebrow Balancing

 Smudge Proof Eyeliner

Constant Lip Colour

Who would benefit from semi-permanent make-up?

 People with busy and hectic lifestyles that would rather sleep or do something other than apply make-up in the mornings or freshen-up their look during the day.

 People who like to look and feel good.

 High profile personalities and prominent business people that require consistent high quality look even under pressure.

 People who like to look good before, during and after exercising, like athletes.

 People who are allergic to cosmetics.

 People with reduced hand movements or those with restricted eyesight and find make-up application difficult.

 People who suffer with allergies when using conventional make-up.

 People with scarring.

 Lip imbalances can be made symmetrical.

 People who have lost their eyebrows through cancer, alopecia, over plucking etc.